Traditional Kitchens

Gent (matt finish)

Gent 741
Lacquered laminate, stone grey

Credo (matt  finish)

Credo 764
Alpine white
Credo 765
Slate grey

Cascada (matt finish) 

Cascada 772
Lacquered laminate, stone grey
Cascada 774
Lacquered laminate, white
Cascada 776
Lacquered laminate, reed green

Sylt (matt finish)

Sylt 847
Honed alpine white
Sylt 849
Honed ivory
Sylt 851
Honed black

Castello (matt finish)

Castello 390
Washed ivory

Chalet (matt finish)

Chalet 881
Honed sand
Chalet 883
Honed ivory
Chalet 885
Honed white

York (matt finish)

York 901
Lacquered satin grey
York 905
Lacquered ivory

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